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Okay so my mum just came into my room while I was watching this English subbed video of Uruha and Reita from the GazettE on youtube (this one from 2006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMQTV_qSuqM&feature=related ) and I paused it on the part where Reita is talking about his noseband and says "I used to have a black one."

Mum: blablabla my knees hurt (I can't remember exactly what she was saying, I wasn't paying much attention)
Me: Uh huh
Mum: *looks over my shoulder at the screen and speaks in a creepy voice* "I used to have a black one~"
Mum: *walks off* NOTHING would surprise me.

I lol'd, and couldn't watch the rest of the video in the right context.


Spent the past hour of so reading entries on here, so I joined and I'm gonna post a couple of stories too, not sure how funny they are because it's 1am and my judgement may be a little off lol cutCollapse )

Story i had to share

this happened today so i felt the need to share it, it made me laugh.
i made a calender for next year with jrock artist on it and i was showing some friends, this is a guys reaction to what was probably his introduction to jrock

me: and look at this picture, its Gackt, i think this is quite a nice one
J: I would so tap that
*me and one of my friends exchange a worried look*
me: you do know thats a guy
J: yes
friend: well he could turn almost any one gay
me: who J or Gackt?
friend: Gackt!
me:ok, well what do you think of this one, his name is Mana
J: thats just weird

i found this funny because normally its the girly looking men who get the attention and as far as i know 'J' is not even remotely gay ^^ oh well must just be Gackts ability to turn almost any man gay

(pictures at
mana: http://s234.photobucket.com/albums/ee224/music_freak_94/?action=view¤t=glb18-2.jpg )

yay first post

hello im new here, but i'd like to post two (not so funny) stories

I showed a friend of a friend my ipod, with pictures, because she wanted to know what this jrock thing me and my other friend were talking about. I’ll call her D

Me: well this is Mana-Sama, hes my Mother. *shows of picture of him in moi dix mois*

D:that’s a guy? He looks like Michael Jackson

Me: WHAT. Just cuz hes pale? What about this, hes Reita, bass player of the Gazette *shows this picture*

D: that’s a girl

Me: no, why on earth would you think that, hes manly by jrock standards!

D: he has boobs

Me: *Headdesk*

and one more

i think this is the first funny jrock moment i ever had.

My Dads idea of Jrock. This really cracked me up, because none of my family is religious or anything, atleast he didn’t think it was ‘satanic’

Me: I really like this JRock band called The GazettE, they’re really-

Dad: What’s JRock? Jesus Rock?

Me: No dad, definitely not. Its Japanese rock

Yes, ANOTHER story!

This happened maybe 30 minutes after my mom. I just sort of wanted to trick my dad so waited for him to go by my room.
Me:hey dad, which one of them looks like a guy? =refers to desktop picture-
Dad: Mh?
Me: Which one looks most like a guy
Dad: Lie a guy? -squints and looks closer at picture- That one -points at Ruki-
Me: Guess what?
Dad: what?
Me: They're all guys!
Dad: What!? Really? -looks at picture-
Me: I still don't see why so many think Reita looks like a girl though...
Dad: Well he's petit..
Me: -looks at picture. Reita wearing black leather with chains and studs- He's not petit! >.<
Dad: Ya, he's got a small.. you know... Femimine looking figure

I love my parents. I'm sooo tempted to show them pictures of Alice Nine's older look!

The story of my mom

This actually just happened moments ago. I have a new GazettE picture as my desktop [it's of their No.666 look, Uruha with his silver hair and man skirt] and I called my mom to show her. Just to show her because I could and was bored with nothign to do until I have to get ready for school. She didn't flip but I laughed at this.

Me:Just to warn you now, the one with silver hair is a man
Mom: Him? -points at Uruha-
Me: Ya, that's a man
Mom: but he looks like a man
Me:...-squints at picture- I find he's the most girl looking
Mom: So they're all men?
Me: Ya
Mom: Okay you see I think he -points at Aoi- looks like a girl and him too -points at Reita-
Me: -bursts out laughing- I find Aoi and Reita the most guy-looking. See, their faces are more feminine looking to me -points at Kai and Uruha-
Mom: They're all girls!
Me: Reita doesn't even look like a girl!
Mom: If he didn't wear any lipstick then I would believe you -walks away-
Me: -squints at picture- He's not wearing lipstick!
Mom:-off in distance- Well it looks like it!
Me: see, his noseband makes me think he's a guy

Thus, Ruki was not included in this picture. His masculinity not even questioned because his floral print is totally masculine! Totally!
Oh mom... I want to show her Alice Nine's old look. Especially Saga...
Anyways, just thought I'd share this

School/Not so shocking U_U"

I just joined the community and figured I'd add two short stories!
Both of which have occurred at school. The first being with another student, which is no shocker, right?
Okay, so I was at school, second lunch in 1009 for ACSOS Brigade -my school's anime club started by my Media Studies teacher who is awesome- and one of my friends wanted me to tell one of her friends who I didn't know well about JRock so I got my iPod out and showed her pictures I had on it.
I started her off with Miyavi.
Me: This is one of my favourite solo artist
Her:Is that a girl!?
Me: -looks at picture of Miyavi- No... It's a guy. Anyways, this is the GazettE. Here's a picture of the sexiest guitar of all time -shows Uruha-
Her: I hate to ask but is that a girl?
Me:-blinks before looking at picture once again-... This is a picture of the whole band!
Her: They are all guys, right?
Me:Ya, they're all men! A rule I have for JRock is "If it looks like a girl, it probably isn't"
Random Leader Guy of Club: -over hears- That's the truth!
Me:Oh! Let me show you An Cafe! I love them! -shows picture of Miku, Kanon, Teruki, Takuya and Yuuki-
Her: Uuuh... The blonde one
Me:-Looks at picture, assuming Miku- Miku? The one with the earmuffs? Don't worry, he gets mist-
Her:No, the one in yellow and blue
Me: -Looks at picture and spots Yuuki- Yuuki?
Her: Ya, he's the only manly looking one!
Me: >_>" Yaaa.... Yuuki is the most masculine looking out of them all be thankful I didn't show you Bou
Her: Huh>
Me: Bou, here -shows picture- I'm telling you now. That's a boy... who wears skirts
Random Guy: Lets see
Me:-shows picture- A boy simply in a skirt -he goes back to club activities-
Me:Show that's the world of JRock
Her: Thanks for the enlightenment, I'll have to remember that they're guys
Me: You better!

She's actually very nice! The A.C.S.O.S Brigade isn't full fo many ignorant people since everyone there is into anime. Few are probably into JRock though...
The second story is actually my awesome Media Studies teacher! We'll just call him 'F' for now ^_^
So this was a while back in the computer lab. We were doing a Reality TV project but because I finished early I was working on my Popculture collage. I had chosen to do the difference between Japanese Popculture and our own popculture and was looking up pictures of Jrock bands.

Me:-looking at picture of Kagrra-
F: -walks by, glances, keeps walking- -backtracks- Who're they?
Me: Oh them, those guys are Kagraa. It's for my Popculture project
F: Oh, alright- Wait, those are men?
Me: Yep, it's Visual Kei. A type of form of music in Japan. Mainly it's guys in eccentric clothing and make-up
F: That's interesting.
Me: It's sometimes interesting when I discover someone I believed was a girl turned out to be a boy! I laughed so hard
F: I can imagine. I don't see why they need to cross-dress though
Me: Mmh?
F: They have such hot women in Japan
Me:-is speechless by the comment of my teacher who is married and has kids-
F: Guess it's soemthing for them to do -walks off-
Me: -Looks up more JRock pictures-

He's still pretty awesome!
I had a third experience with a friend who is pretty aware of my JRock obssession -considering she's into it as well but not like myself- I was talking to her about Maya of LM.C's hair from Ghost Heart.

Me: Some people actually says it makes him look like a soccer mom
C:Because he does!
Me: I just think it makes him look more like a girl -shows her pictures of his old hair styles-
C:No matter what he always has girly hair styles!
Me: -facepalm- -gets idea- Hey, look at this! -shows a picture of Aiji from Funny Fhantom-
C:Ya, what about him?
C:What!?! But he has pink hair! -lighting gave him pink hair-
I only did that because she was flipping out about Abingdon Boys School -I think they're called that- since she found out they were mostly 40 and 39 but looked and sounded way younger. I laughed.

Reita's nose band...

i was drawing pictures of the GazettE with my little brother one day, and he was drawing Reita.

him: why does he wear that thing on on his face?
me: well he-
him: is nis nose too big?
me: n-
him: i bet thats why he ties it up. =]

i laughed so hard XD   

They really are men

Hi, I've never posted here before but i thought i would share a few things that happened to me.

So I was sitting in my ceramics class and since we hardly ever do anything in that class I decided to do homework.

I took out my binder, which has a picture of Aiji from LM.C on the cover and i was sitting there working when this guy at the table next to me walks over. He picks up my binder and the convo went sorta like this:

Guy: She's hot
Me: um thats a guy . . .
Guy: WHAT!?!
Me: yea
Guy: Wow, i feel kinda gay now . . .

So then the girls sitting at his table decide to come over, and of course they ask if he was gay. -_-


I was in my geometry class and like i mentioned in my previous story i put pictures of jrockers on my binders. Well my geometry binder has the GazettE on it.

So we were doing class work and my binder was sitting on my desk and somehow (i cant remember) we got into a "yes those are really men" discussion.

She was shocked when i told her they were in fact guys, and she took my binder and yelled to the teacher "Do these look like guys?"
So the teacher came over and she said they didn't. Then everyone in the class had to have a discussion on my binder, and the girl next to me still ended up saying they were girls, but weirdly she thought Ruki looked more like a girl than Uruha.

--Well thats it sorry i suck at telling storys


HELLO! ^_^ im new here!
haha obviously...

H'okei! So, i was listening to the gazette and my little cousins came in and i got all excited and showed them who the gazette where and what not. well before i got so see them again, i had to go back to WV for school. and like a  year later one day, i was at my mawmaw and pawpaw's watching NLSG tour. My cousins came over too, so Lexi, who was 6 at the time,(oldest of the four) wanted to watch it with me because she thinks Ruki is th hottest guy in the world, i was so proud that she remembered (its crazy all my little cousins knew right away the they were all men but no one else has ever thought they were men. lol) well a little later Izzaak(boy/ and second oldest )who was 4 at the time, walked in the room. Reita was on the computer at the time talking about his finger. and immediatly Izzaak shouted "BIRD MAN! ITS BIRD MAN!!! BIRDMAN!!! YAAY!" (note: Izzak cant say Reita so he calls him birdman because he thinks he looks like a bird. maybe his hair has something to do with it lol) i was so proud. lol i was like" OMG! YOU REMEMBER!!!??? IM SO PROUD OF YOU!" haha i spazzed out. then i continued reading the subtitles to them. it was great. XD i did a horrible job of trying to immitate their voices.