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School/Not so shocking U_U"

I just joined the community and figured I'd add two short stories!
Both of which have occurred at school. The first being with another student, which is no shocker, right?
Okay, so I was at school, second lunch in 1009 for ACSOS Brigade -my school's anime club started by my Media Studies teacher who is awesome- and one of my friends wanted me to tell one of her friends who I didn't know well about JRock so I got my iPod out and showed her pictures I had on it.
I started her off with Miyavi.
Me: This is one of my favourite solo artist
Her:Is that a girl!?
Me: -looks at picture of Miyavi- No... It's a guy. Anyways, this is the GazettE. Here's a picture of the sexiest guitar of all time -shows Uruha-
Her: I hate to ask but is that a girl?
Me:-blinks before looking at picture once again-... This is a picture of the whole band!
Her: They are all guys, right?
Me:Ya, they're all men! A rule I have for JRock is "If it looks like a girl, it probably isn't"
Random Leader Guy of Club: -over hears- That's the truth!
Me:Oh! Let me show you An Cafe! I love them! -shows picture of Miku, Kanon, Teruki, Takuya and Yuuki-
Her: Uuuh... The blonde one
Me:-Looks at picture, assuming Miku- Miku? The one with the earmuffs? Don't worry, he gets mist-
Her:No, the one in yellow and blue
Me: -Looks at picture and spots Yuuki- Yuuki?
Her: Ya, he's the only manly looking one!
Me: >_>" Yaaa.... Yuuki is the most masculine looking out of them all be thankful I didn't show you Bou
Her: Huh>
Me: Bou, here -shows picture- I'm telling you now. That's a boy... who wears skirts
Random Guy: Lets see
Me:-shows picture- A boy simply in a skirt -he goes back to club activities-
Me:Show that's the world of JRock
Her: Thanks for the enlightenment, I'll have to remember that they're guys
Me: You better!

She's actually very nice! The A.C.S.O.S Brigade isn't full fo many ignorant people since everyone there is into anime. Few are probably into JRock though...
The second story is actually my awesome Media Studies teacher! We'll just call him 'F' for now ^_^
So this was a while back in the computer lab. We were doing a Reality TV project but because I finished early I was working on my Popculture collage. I had chosen to do the difference between Japanese Popculture and our own popculture and was looking up pictures of Jrock bands.

Me:-looking at picture of Kagrra-
F: -walks by, glances, keeps walking- -backtracks- Who're they?
Me: Oh them, those guys are Kagraa. It's for my Popculture project
F: Oh, alright- Wait, those are men?
Me: Yep, it's Visual Kei. A type of form of music in Japan. Mainly it's guys in eccentric clothing and make-up
F: That's interesting.
Me: It's sometimes interesting when I discover someone I believed was a girl turned out to be a boy! I laughed so hard
F: I can imagine. I don't see why they need to cross-dress though
Me: Mmh?
F: They have such hot women in Japan
Me:-is speechless by the comment of my teacher who is married and has kids-
F: Guess it's soemthing for them to do -walks off-
Me: -Looks up more JRock pictures-

He's still pretty awesome!
I had a third experience with a friend who is pretty aware of my JRock obssession -considering she's into it as well but not like myself- I was talking to her about Maya of LM.C's hair from Ghost Heart.

Me: Some people actually says it makes him look like a soccer mom
C:Because he does!
Me: I just think it makes him look more like a girl -shows her pictures of his old hair styles-
C:No matter what he always has girly hair styles!
Me: -facepalm- -gets idea- Hey, look at this! -shows a picture of Aiji from Funny Fhantom-
C:Ya, what about him?
C:What!?! But he has pink hair! -lighting gave him pink hair-
I only did that because she was flipping out about Abingdon Boys School -I think they're called that- since she found out they were mostly 40 and 39 but looked and sounded way younger. I laughed.


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