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Spent the past hour of so reading entries on here, so I joined and I'm gonna post a couple of stories too, not sure how funny they are because it's 1am and my judgement may be a little off lol The first one is from the first time I approached my mum about getting the hair. Me: Mummy~ You know when I get my hair cut? Mum: Yeah? Me: Would it be okay for me to get this *I showed her a picture of Miku (an cafe) from the tekesuta kousen PV* Mum: No, I  wouldn't if I were you Me: I like it though, I'm not asking whether or not you'd have it, would it suit me though? Mum: No, it looks ridiculous how she's got it all short by her ears. Me: It's not really cut short he's just pushed it back because it's the style. Mum: He? Me: Yes? Mum: Are you a lesbian? I think to mothers, being a lesbian must be the only reason anyone likes jrock. A few months later... After I got my own way Mum: Daniyell... Do you know my friend who was here the other day? Me: Yeah, whyyy? Mum: She really liked your hair... Do you think I'm getting old and I just don't get fashion anymore?  I think she was convinced that this had become a popular fashion and she was just out of the loop. I feel sorry that there was just no good way to answer that question This one's an msn conversation between me and my ex... J to maybe save embarrassement? (My pic was Kanon from an cafe) J: You look fit in your pic D: that's not me... J: She looks like you. Who is it then? D: it's Kanon from a band. D: and it's a lad by the way... After that I didn't hear from him for a few months xD He's lucky he's three years older, if he was in my year he'd have never heard the end of this.



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