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They really are men

Hi, I've never posted here before but i thought i would share a few things that happened to me.

So I was sitting in my ceramics class and since we hardly ever do anything in that class I decided to do homework.

I took out my binder, which has a picture of Aiji from LM.C on the cover and i was sitting there working when this guy at the table next to me walks over. He picks up my binder and the convo went sorta like this:

Guy: She's hot
Me: um thats a guy . . .
Guy: WHAT!?!
Me: yea
Guy: Wow, i feel kinda gay now . . .

So then the girls sitting at his table decide to come over, and of course they ask if he was gay. -_-


I was in my geometry class and like i mentioned in my previous story i put pictures of jrockers on my binders. Well my geometry binder has the GazettE on it.

So we were doing class work and my binder was sitting on my desk and somehow (i cant remember) we got into a "yes those are really men" discussion.

She was shocked when i told her they were in fact guys, and she took my binder and yelled to the teacher "Do these look like guys?"
So the teacher came over and she said they didn't. Then everyone in the class had to have a discussion on my binder, and the girl next to me still ended up saying they were girls, but weirdly she thought Ruki looked more like a girl than Uruha.

--Well thats it sorry i suck at telling storys


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Jun. 23rd, 2009 05:08 am (UTC)
WTF!!! Ruki more girly than Uruha! ??? O_O
That's a weird comment o-o

I made a Power Point Presentation for my Listenig & Speaking class (I'm from Chile and I'm studying English Pedagogy) about my favorite music band (the GazettE), and all my classmates told me that my "musicians" looks like girls (and beautiful girls)... X'DDD

(oh...sorry for my English u.u )

Take Care!
Jun. 23rd, 2009 01:50 pm (UTC)
ROFL! xD hahah I dunno why some ppl think Ruki looks more like a girl then Uruha...when it's the opposite way xD lol
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